Local elementary school students shine at CAGE cross-country

Minor hockey Oct 21
October 21, 2021
Local runners show their stuff at AABHN cross-country championships
October 21, 2021
Photo by Darryl G. Smart

By Darryl G. Smart

Local elementary school students showed their stuff during the CAGE cross-country championships at Memorial Park in Simcoe this week. 

Runners who qualified from the Norfolk, Haldimand and Brant meets took part in the event to crown Grand Erie District School Board champions.

Results (only first names provided)

Junior Girls

  1. Never, Caledonia Centennial Public School, 6:25
  2. Avery, North Ward School (Paris), 6:26
  3. Rylan, North ward School 6:45

Junior Boys

  1. Blake, North Ward School, 6:06
  2. Nolan, James Hillier Public School (Brantford), 6:08
  3. Mason, Walpole North Elementary School (Hagersville), 6:11

Intermediate Girls

  1. Penelope, Boston Public School, 10:55
  2. Taya, Onondaga-Brant Public School (Brantford), 10:57
  3. Madolyn, Waterford Public School, 10:58

Intermediate Boys

  1. Caleb, Waterford Public School, 10:02
  2. Adam, Cobblestone elementary School (Paris), 10:05
  3. Niklas, Lynndale Heights Public School (Simcoe), 10:06

Senior Girls

  1. Abby, Walpole North elementary School, 12:26
  2. Amilya, Langton Public School, 12:54
  3. Eira, Burford District Elementary School, 12:59

Senior Boys

  1. Ethan, J.L. Mitchener Public School (Cayuga), 11:20
  2. Quinn, Glen Morris Central Public School, 11:37
  3. Richard, Burford District Elementary School, 12:11