Besides Smart Sports Network’s original incarnation that will remain Smart Sports Podcast, there are many different sports podcasts in our area, so I thought it would be a great idea to share those voices with all of you.

Smart Sports Podcast

Smart Sports Podcast was the beginning of it all when it comes to Smart Sports Network.

This is a weekly podcast that drops every Thursday and touches on all things local sports in Norfolk, Haldimand and surrounding areas. Most of the time it’ll be an interview or two, diving into our local sports scene in ways never done before because of this format.

Josh Talks Hockey

Josh Talks Hockey is a podcast done by Delhi’s Josh Rieck.

This podcast showcases’ Josh’s passion for hockey as he delves into the happening in and around the NHL.

The O in 60

The O in 60 is a podcast hosted byColin Ward and Reece Doumani.

These two guys have a real passion for the Ontario Hockey League and junior hockey in general. It is one of the only podcasts out there that blankets the OHL.