Sports Shorts August 10
August 10, 2021
Steelheads taking year to regroup
August 10, 2021

By Darryl G. Smart

Alexandra Casier is hoping to drum up enough interest to get synchronized skating back up and gliding again.

The Langton Skating Club coach is in search participants wanting to join in on the fun of synchronized skating.

“I am trying to build up the program to support Norfolk County clubs as a whole,” Casier said. “Norfolk used to have many synchronized skating teams and we now have none.”

It is her hope to change that.

“We are hoping to get our synchro program up and running again,” Casier said. “The level of the team is unknown at the moment. It will be based on age and skating ability.”

With that being said, skaters must register to skate one more day in Langton or another home club to ensure practice of basic skating skill is being done. 

Casier said interested skaters of all ages with interest can contact her at