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September 29, 2021
Junior and senior hockey begins this weekend
October 1, 2021

By Darryl G. Smart

Craig Thompson, like every member at the Simcoe Curling Club, is ready to rock and roll.

“I have missed it. We all have missed it,” Thompson, the club’s president said. “People need to safely socialize because they want that back and we want to bring it back. They want that sense of friendship and family.”

Thompson said they are ready to do exactly that when the ice goes in right after the fair and action starts on October 27.

“We’re one of the last curling clubs to open up because of the fair,” Thompson said. “Last year at this time we had to look on and assess. This year we just want to move forward and get back to doing what we all love.”

Thompson said the club usually boasts about 330 members. 

“Our goal this year is getting people on the ice and doing it safely,” Thompson said. “I know it’s a basic statement. We want to bring as many people back as we can.”

And to do that, the club has kept in contact with its curlers, or potential new ones with its social media.

“We want to be able to communicate with our community,” Thompson said. “We want to be fluid. We are going to try and be more present online.”

Thompson said as the club is also taking on a number of initiatives to get new curlers on the ice. The first is the club’s Try Curling Open House on November 6. People icurious to the sport and attending will receive free introduction to curling skills, as well as equipment to use for the day, not to mention meeting club members, snacks and prizes.

“It’s a gateway to the learn to curl league,” Thompson said. ‘It’s a great idea to get people out and see if they want to spend the money on it. When you walk into something you’re sometimes intimidated. Curling doesn’t have anything to do with ability, mobility or economics. We want to bring in the people. This day is all about giving people that bug to play.”

Thompson said also part of the club’s programming is an adult instructional league, which is an introduction to get into more traditional leagues. And while there is plenty of programming for newer curlers, there is also plenty for more seasoned and competitive curlers. 

“We have something for all ages and abilities. Because of that, for six months we are going night and day,” Thompson said. “We really have something special here and we want to share that.”

He said the goal is for Simcoe to have another championship banner, so they can market and highlight the club with its successes. As far as hosting bigger events, the Simcoe Curling Club will play host to a provincial mixed doubles qualifier. And next year they will host a provincial masters championship. 

Registration is open now and runs until October 15. All of the information can be found at the Simcoe Curling Club website. The regular season begins on October 27.

To register for the Try Curling Open House, contact